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MCAA will deliver an academic model that embraces the following core components: 


  • High-quality, Aligned Curriculum that allows for culturally-responsive adaptations;

  • Project-Based Learning embedded in each content area and learning unit; 

  • Blended Learning, driven by excellent teachers and a world-class online platform that allows students to learn at their own pace and allows teachers to upload curriculum and lessons plans, monitor progress in real time, and make data-based decisions;

  • Arts-Infused Community Projects emphasizing the a social/restorative justice theme; 

  • 1:1 Mentoring wherein each student has an assigned adult mentor who helps set college and career goals, regularly monitors progress towards those goals on the online platform, gives real-time feedback on next steps, and serves as a personal ally; and

  • Mental and Physical Health Services using Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO) wrap-around resources for students.

LCole 2021  -8919.JPG

In our core content areas, MCAA has utilized the research of to identify high-quality, rigorous, and aligned curricula to ensure that our students are engaging with first-rate content.  


After careful review, for the core content areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, we have chosen EngageNY as our base curriculum. For science, we have chosen Amplify Science. EngageNY is among the highest-rated curricula on EdReports, receiving their highest-possible ratings in every single category, including text quality, rigor, alignment, and usability. Similarly, Amplify Science is one of the few highly-rated curricula that is also aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, which we will use for our standards. Amplify will allow us to ensure horizontal and vertical alignment from one grade level to the next and is built for three dimensional learning, allowing MCAA to fully embrace the project-based learning aspect of our model in science. Perhaps more importantly, however, Amplify will prepare our middle school students for success in high school science courses.


While we have preliminary selected these base curricula for their excellent quality and adaptability to better serve our student population, we will work with our chief academic officer and faculty upon approval to refine our selections.

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