Job Title: School Nurse

The duties include but are not limited to:

  • Arrives 15 minutes before sessions begin each day and stays 15 minutes after their conclusion. 

  • Completes all COVID protocol checks for staff and students. 

  • Provides nursing care for students requiring special health procedures. 

  • Rides the bus with students (may be required). 

  • Follows up on identified health problems with parents and other health professionals. 

  • Refers parents, students, teachers, health agencies, and individuals for counseling, to assigned RN.  

  • Records health data in the cumulative health record and keeps them current. 

  • Contacts principal and Health Services Office regarding crisis situations in the school. (These include child abuse, threatened suicide, and accidents.) 

  • Administers medication to the students according to the approved policy. 

  • Administers first aid to the students and staff according to the approved policy. 

  • Serves as a special education program aide and meets job requirements and performs duties as outlined in the special education aide job description. 

  • Performs other duties as designated by the School Administrator, Lead Facilitator and RN. 




Must be a graduate of a regionally accredited practical nursing school.

Must have current LPN license to practice nursing in the State of Alabama

Must have at least three (3) years of experience in a hospital or community health setting.

Must have a current instructor's card in First Aid and CPR.