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MCAA will assess the chosen curriculum and will measure student mastery through both formal and informal assessment. The principal or designee will establish assessment approaches for determining the effectiveness of instructional programming at MCAA for all classrooms. 


Assessments will focus on determining the extent to which students are achieving and maintaining mastery of curriculum objectives and the extent to which instructors are displaying effective conveyance of curriculum in the classrooms.  MCAA leadership  staff will design and use a variety of assessment approaches in determining the effectiveness of the planned and written curriculum, the taught curriculum, and instructional programs. Students at MCAA will also take state-mandated assessments such as the ACT, pre-ACT, ACCESS for ELLs, and ACAP. They will also take benchmark assessments through NWEA, a nationally-recognized and nationally-

normed assessment.


Reports will be made periodically to the MCAA Board, staff, and families concerning these assessments and results. Teachers will be expected to conduct frequent assessment of students on the curriculum objectives. These will include:

  • Teacher-made assignments/assessments

  • MCAA grade-level benchmark assessments

  • Advanced Placement Common Assessments

  • Criterion-referenced tests will be utilized to determine patterns of student achievement 


Teachers and supervisors will utilize test results to assess the status of individual student’s achievement in order to

  • Continuously regroup students for instruction

  • Identify General achievement trends of various groups of students

  • Modify instruction as warranted by assessment results

  • Modify individualization of instruction 

  • Perform continuous goal-setting and progress monitoring


The following outlines the grading system and policy for MCAA.

Grade setup for total grade in each class:

Classwork = 50%

Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects) = 40%

Homework = 10%

Final grade setup for the year:

1st 9 weeks grade (40%) + 2nd 9 weeks grade (40%) + 1st Semester Exam (20%) = Semester 1 grade

3rd 9 weeks grade (40%) + 4th 9 weeks grade (40%) + 2nd Semester Exam (20%) = Semester 2 grade

Semester 1 grade (50%) + Semester 2 grade (50%) = Final Grade


Percentage                  Letter Grade                  GPA (Only applies to High School Courses)

  90-100%                           A                              4.0

  80-89%                             B                              3.0

  70-79%                             C                              2.0

  60-69%                             D                              1.0

  0-59%                               F                               No Credit (0.0)

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